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Nnamdi Kanu: Referendum perpetual answer for Nigeria’s Multi-dimensional misfortunes.

The head of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has said that solitary a submission can settle the multi-dimensional misfortunes of Nigeria.

Kanu in an assertion gave for his benefit by the Publicity Secretary of the gathering, Comrade Emma Powerful said that ironicly Nigeria is as yet recalling the destructive battle of 1967-1970; a war the gathering guaranteed was wanted to obliterate the individuals of the Old Eastern area.

Kanu in the assertion guaranteed that one of the significant reasons the recollections of that war can’t be handily deleted from the psyches of Biafrans is “that today the oppressors have kept on rehashing similar activities they visited on us with greater exemption.

“Rather than regarding Biafrans as equivalent partners in the issues of the nation they have proceeded to enslave and chase down our kin with the assistance teammates in government houses in the east and Igbo proficient swindlers situated in Abuja and Lagos.

“IPOB relatives and other Biafran instigators have stayed every day focuses of the oppressor and their security offices who consider the To be as a vanquished domain and its native occupants ready for disposal at all expense.

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“The inquiry each sane being must similar to this; for what reason is Nigeria living in abstinence? In spite of rehashed alerts, here and there from the individuals who recently neutralized Biafra, that Nigeria is quick going on the very roadway that prompted the battle in 1967, those in charge of administration in the Zoo that absurdly allude to themselves as the ‘elites’ have decided to play the ostrich.


“Rather than putting on a big show with warm words and void guarantees, the opportunity has arrived for these devilish political criminals taking on the appearance of elites in Nigeria to bravely do the needful and for all time address the main driver of the consistently developing fomentations across the Luggardian contraption.

“There is just one all around recognized answer for the issues tormenting One Nigeria, it is called Referendum.

“This will empower and all the more significantly give the different ethnic identities persuasively cinched together into the unfortunate British designed provincial pen, the decision to choose whether or not they wish to proceed with their hopeless concurrence or not.

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“I comprehend the dread and trepidation of ethnic gatherings in Arewa center North living under Fulani authoritative servitude. We might want to promise them that Biafra won’t forsake them.

“The Biafra project is intended to liberate each persecuted bunch inside Nigeria, not simply the lenient individuals of the East.

“A choice or plebiscite remains the best device to decide the destiny of the majority not the directs of half-instructed semi-educated degenerate nonentities in Abuja.

“This is 51 years after Harold Wilson’s bombed endeavor to clear out the whole Igbo Biafran race from the essence of the earth.

“The Fulani specialists of neo-imperialism he utilized have now idealized similar craft of utilizing traded off people in the East to baffle our walk towards opportunity for all.

“They can’t succeed in light of the fact that the individuals they have been misdirecting throughout the years are presently more intelligent.

“We concur with a large portion of the fitting issues raised at the online class gathering coordinated yesterday by Nzuko Umunna which further uncovered a portion of the outrages submitted against Biafrans in the destructive war 51 years back. This was simply to tell them that we have not failed to remember how they dealt with our dads and moms somewhere in the range of 1966 and 1970.

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“From the reasonable commitments of prominent Nigerians in that assembling, it’s presently clear to the Fulani administering secrecy running the nation that nobody is content with what’s going on.

“Those candid perceptions radiated from the couple of unmistakable and regarded Nigerians including lawmakers and strict pioneers. This is a suggestion to those reasoning that they have taken Nigeria to quit living in self-fancy.

“The adolescents of Nigeria are ascending to safeguard the nation from the individuals who have kidnapped it. Biafra will before long say goodbye to the contraption and no power can stop this heavenly development.

“IPOB is culminating plan to guarantee that Biafra is reestablished without another war yet in the event that our oppressors won’t regard our calls for submission, at that point they will later understand that IPOB is resolved to pay whatever penance to liberate our kin from this subjugation.”

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