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Peter Obi, God’s choice for Nigeria – Abia cleric

The Lead Minister, World Store Family Global, Minister Paul Chibuisi, has said the official up-and-comer of the Work Party, Peter Obi, is God’s decision for Nigeria.

The priest, who praised his appointment and birthday on Sunday, in Umuahia, said, “Obi may not be the appointed otherworldly authority of individuals, yet there are valid proof that he ought to be allowed the opportunity to oversee Nigeria.”

The reason for Obi as president had been building up speed in Umuahia, as chapels currently teach for the tranquility of Nigeria through Obi in the following year’s overall races.

Chibuisi further expressed, “God won’t hush up to be brought into the matter, yet taking into account that the North and the South-West have both delivered the leader of Nigeria, it is the divert of a man from the east and it ought to be given to Peter Obi.”

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“Obi left a believable record all through his administration in Anambra State. He is the one to oversee Nigeria and God’s decision for the country.”

Talking after the event where widows were engaged, Chibuisi said through the service, individuals would be contacted in networks, clinics, jails, schools and less-advantaged outreach programs.

He noticed that the world was at unsafe times, expressing that the various strict organizations on the planet, especially through Christianity is God’s arrangement to raise armed forces as light to battle murkiness and sin.

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“God spilled out his soul on individuals, consequently the numerous youngsters forecasting these days in temples,” he added.

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