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The former aide of Tinubu exclaims, “Shettima sponsors terrorism,” and sets fire to the APC camp.

Hajia Naja’atu Mohammed, a former Director of the Presidential Campaign Council for the All Progressives Congress, has been fired for claiming that Kashim Shettima, the party’s vice presidential candidate, is a sponsor of terrorism.

This was said by the former APC leader during an interview on Arise Television.

She also said that the notorious terrorist Kabiru Sokoto was found and arrested in the home of the former governor of Borno State who is now running for vice president.

The PUNCH had previously reported that Naja’atu quit her job with the APC and Tinubu’s campaign ahead of the February 25 elections.

She claimed that she had to leave due to recent developments in the political and democratic space, making it impossible for her to continue participating in party politics.

However, Tinubu’s campaign council responded to her claim that she had resigned by claiming that she had been fired for being a shady member of the campaign team.

Naja’atu said, “Especially as it concerns security, you must have an enabling environment before you do anything, so you cannot take someone who is virtually senile and another person who has been associated with funding terrorism on multiple occasions,” further leveraging her motivation for leaving the ruling party. Kashim Shettima is that.

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“Kabiru Sokoto, one of the most wanted terrorists, was found and arrested in his (Shettima) house,” we should not forget.

Why should Shettima visit and show her support for a police officer who is being tried for drug trafficking when these people have been accused of harboring terrorists multiple times? Why?” She inquired.

“As a result, as soon as you begin to put these things together, you begin to comprehend the reason why Nigerians must reclaim their nation. This cannot occur,” Naja’atu continued.
Related News Shettima and Rochas meet in Abuja. I will show my gratitude to Shettima for her kindness. Zulum Baba-Ahmed praises Shettima’s “improved dress sense.” The former APC director continued by stating that mineral exploitation was at the heart of terrorism in the country, particularly in the North, and that terrorism and banditry is a multi-billion dollar industry.

She said that even Zamfara’s soil is being exploited illegally because it contains strategic minerals, blue diamonds from the North East, and gold from Zamfara.

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She also said that foreign mercenaries and powerful people in the country, including governors, use banditry and terrorism to displace people so they can safely mine these resources illegally.

“Let us understand and not forget that this terrorism, banditry, and carnage is not just happening by accident. It is a multi-billion dollar industry, because it takes a lot of money from the budget for the defense, it has a lot to do with the sale of drugs, it has a lot to do with illegal and illicit mining, and it has a lot to do with illegal bunkering,” Naja’atu said in a rage.

Take a look at the general areas that are impacted by this. Blue diamonds, a strategic mineral, are found in the North East, as is oil in the Chad Basin, which is currently being illegally explored.

What if, despite having more gold than Ghana, Zamfara State’s gold being traded in Dubai? Consider visiting the “Nigeria gold market” market in Dubai. Who exactly is mining this? Most of the time, they are governors—powerful individuals who cooperate with foreign mercenaries.

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She went on to say, “Remember when they said there is a no-flight-zone in Zamfara? Why should there be a no-flight-zone when Zamfara doesn’t even have an airport but aircrafts land and take off from Zamfara?” before continuing, “Remember when they said there is a no-flight-zone in Zamfara?

Let me add this: every container that comes from China is delivered to Zamfara. Why? because Zamfara’s soil contains all of the relevant strategic minerals. Therefore, the soil is packed when these containers arrive. Since the current price of a bag of soil from Zamfara is N5,000, they must relocate the population in order to continue their mining. It has many faces.

The PUNCH previously reported that Rabiu Kwankwaso, the New Nigeria Peoples Party’s presidential candidate, said last Wednesday at Chatham House in London that the conflict over mineral resources was to blame for the terror in the North West and North East.

As a result of the fighting in the regions, the former defense minister had stated that individuals within and outside of Nigeria are “stealing” the mineral resources.

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