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Election: God’s wish is doing right thing, says Obi

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the Presidential and National Assembly elections on February 25th, stated on Monday that God’s wish was for the right thing to be done.

During his appearance on Arise TV’s “The Morning Show,” which our correspondent in Lagos was following, Obi was responding to a question.

Obi, who stated that he was very respectful of prominent Nigerians, including clerics and traditional rulers, responded, “I disagree with them,” when asked about his opinion regarding the position that the outcome of the presidential election was God’s wish despite the documented infractions. They are actually preaching about Nigeria’s problem.

“Using God’s name in vain is the problem in Nigeria—accepting wrongdoing and accepting what is unacceptable. God does not say that.

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“What they’re saying is not God’s wish,” he continued. Nigeria is not in God’s plan for this. Why don’t we acknowledge that God intended for 133 million Nigerians to be poor? Why don’t we acknowledge that God wants 95 million Nigerians to live in poverty? God desires that there be no electricity. It is God’s desire that our youngsters are seized. We are the nation with the highest infant mortality rate because primary healthcare has collapsed, but that is not what God says.

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“When you do the right thing, God wants you to.”

Obi asserted that if the elections were carried out in accordance with the written rules, nobody would object.

“It would have been concluded in a matter of hours without anyone arguing about it,” he added.

Obi continued, “But it is not God’s wish that you do the wrong thing.” You should not rob a train to make money and start sharing it—this is what is killing the country—it is not God’s will. We are fighting those who come here, take public funds, and then give them to Church members, claiming that this is God’s will. We want to put an end to that.

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“We maintain that God’s desire should be genuinely God’s desire. And when we act in the right way, God blesses us… “What do you tell young people growing up? That stealing is God’s intention? Is it God’s will that you hold an unfair election? So, tell me the difference between the armed robbers and us, the people doing this, Obi asked.

Obi said, “God to allow us to do the right things so we can start building a better country for our children,” and he added, “God to allow us to do the right things.”

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