JUBRIL: Once again Nnamdi is Kanu Vindicated, Buhari confirmed that he is NOW right handed.


President Buhari may have inadvertently confirmed one of the claims by Nnamdi Kanu that he has suddenly changed from right hand to left handedness.

During the celebration if his 76th Birthday at the state house yesterday, Buhari was pictured cutting his cake with his left hand against his usual right hand.

SaharaNews can confirm this photo was not mirrored because it was posted on Buhari’s official twitter handle. If it was mirrored, the ‘76’ on the cake will change to something like 67.

Did someone momentarily forgot his role or was it just a coincident. Only time will tell. To prove his claim of a lookalike body double impersonating a dead Buhari in AsoRock, Nnamdi Kanu had alleged that the current occupant in AsoRock, Jubril el Sudan is left handed while Buhari was right handed.

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