[OPINION] Why Kanu’s mission will remain misguided – Victoria Ngozi Ikeano


IR Mazi Nnamdi Kanu needs no presentation. He is head of the banished Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) which is to a greater degree a development than a geological articulation by and by. His goal is to have a ‘Biafra state’ cut out of the current Nigerian country and he characterizes its topographical piece as comprising of every one of the five states in the southeast just as Rivers, Delta, Kogi and Benue states, regardless of protests from a portion of the states.

IPOB has obscured its archetype, the Movement for the Sovereign province of Biafra (MASSOB) drove by Chief Ralph Uwazuruike. Purpose behind this might be IPOB’s fairly fanatic strategies and media perceivability with its own radio for sure.

Lion’s share of individuals in the southeast disagree with Kanu or MASSOB on the issue of severance. They accept that their own and aggregate interests are best served in a (greater) Nigerian state with legitimate administration constructions to address their cry of minimization. For one, the zone is arranged on a moderately little land mass to such an extent that were each easterner to pitch his/her tent there, it would not oblige them all in a real sense. Also, south-easterners are by and large generally voyaged individuals that contribute and assemble abundance any place they are, outside of the zone. In this way, they are pretty much partners any place they get themselves. An informal measurement showed that Igbos are the second most crowded gathering in most Nigerian towns after the local, native gathering. In the present condition the best approach for the Igbos is one of ‘fall back on toleration when in doubt’.

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Kanu abhors this respected arrangement and rather accepts hostility, criticism of different clans just as pouring reprimands on the administration as a foundation and the individual of the president.

It bears rehashing that Kanu doesn’t represent the Igbos; he doesn’t address their motivation or Igbo patriotism. Proof of this is that no eminent Igbo character sides with him. The political class, pastors, pinnacle social association, assessment pioneers, and so on, don’t affirm of his plan or ways which now and again almost incites viciousness.

Genuinely, no administration on the planet would overlay its arms while a gathering singularly proclaims its aim to withdraw, having its own cash, banner , armed force, and so on, assaulting the police freely and setting up road obstructions in its alleged effective reach while obnoxiously attacking established position and others through its radio broadcast sending inside the Nigerian state.

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Kanu’s adherents are to a great extent embittered young people that are furious with the Nigerian state for different reasons. He no uncertainty has a solid hang on them. This iron grasp and faction following has been helped by his heaving of paranoid ideas in his news source just as the traditionalist and web-based media that keep on giving him a stage to voice his plan. He and his band of devotees accept that they are battling a worthy motivation for the Igbos and consider themselves to be Igbo patriots.

They blunder for, regardless of whether a ‘Biafra state’ were to be acknowledged (as a speculation) there would in any case be grumblings, echoes of disappointments inside due to its idle variety; it’s anything but a carefully homogenous element in that capacity. Indeed, even inside nuclear families, there are disputes, what amount more inside bigger elements?

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Every segment unit that makes up Nigeria has its qualities and shortcomings and the association ought to develop further through common trade. No single unit is an island nor would it be able to grow completely as an island unto itself. Numerous Igbos accept that they are not getting a decent amount out of the Nigerian state. In any case, the best approach to change the circumstance isn’t by heaving scorn among Nigerians or drumming tunes of war and severance which is exceptionally unlikely.

Or maybe it is through exchange – agents of the country’s assorted gatherings plunking down to form out an agreeable (not an ideal model) to live and seek after everybody’s desires in concordance for the benefit of everyone. This necessitates that every segment unit tables its feelings of trepidation and expectations and all arriving at a trade off in the soul of compromise, on a political, social, financial format that is pleasing to all while saving our regular legacy. You may consider this layout whatever name you wish.


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