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I’m not who you’re talking about, Obi replies Nnamani

The official up-and-comer of the Work Party in the February 25 political race, Peter Obi, has answered a previous legislative leader of Enugu State, Chimaroke Nnamani, who as of late lost his seat in the Red Chamber to the Work Party’s competitor, Kelvin Chukwu.

Nnamani, who was vying for a second chance to be elected to the National Assembly to represent Enugu East, had blamed Obi for his defeat and said that Obi was engaging in “wicked and dangerous politics.” However, Obi stated in a Tuesday letter to the former governor that Nnamani must be mistaken for someone else.

Obi maintained that he never engaged in ethnic or religious politics during his campaign across the federation and expressed surprise at the former governor’s remarks.

In addition, he instructed Nnamani to refrain from making such “senseless and unsubstantiated allegations just to dent one’s image.”

Please read the entire letter below;

You have consistently slammed my character throughout these electioneering campaigns, despite the fact that I have never criticized you publicly or privately and have always treated you with respect as an older brother.

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It really surprises me that you, my dear older brother, would go out of your way to violate his constitutionally protected right to free speech by saying something he knows is false.

I find it extremely shocking that you were forced to describe me as an ethnic and religious bigot who engages in a hate campaign. In this instance, I like to make it clear that I disagree with everything you said in your statement and everything I’ve done in campaigns.

In this campaign, I have consistently supported issues-based campaigns and maintained my position, even utilizing illustrations and data to support my position, to the point where I have been accused of using data incorrectly and media houses have had to create fact check desks just to monitor and address issues I raised during campaigns. I want to believe that my dear older brother must have mistook me for someone else.
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I would also like to challenge anyone, including my dear older brother, to show me a public appearance in which I called names or portrayed religious or ethnic bigotry in any way—even when I was campaigning in Enugu State.

I was also surprised that you said Igbo said “Lagos is no man’s land” because there is no proof of that, which I think is like calling a dog a bad name just to hang it.

Maybe my brother would like to know that non-Igbo voters cast more votes for me in Lagos, Abuja, and other parts of Nigeria. Even if Igbo voters cast more votes for me, should that mean that Igbo voters should be chased away from the places where they live and make real contributions to development? Because Indians voted for an Indian to be Prime Minister, Britain will not expel Indians.

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I also noticed your determined efforts to label me a tribal bigot. However, this would be difficult to demonstrate empirically, and I would like to advise my dear older brother not to join in on such irrational and unsubstantiated accusations in order to harm one’s reputation.

My brother advised me to return to school in order to learn about some aspects of leadership that I am lacking, and I am well aware that listening and learning are among the essential characteristics of every good leader.

When I can get it for free from my beloved older brother, who is more knowledgeable, why should I attend school and pay high tuition? I respectfully request that my senior brother invite me to teach me accordingly.

Sincere condolences to the family, and may God bless.

Petrus Obi

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