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You Are Centered Around Cash, Loathing Truth And Nobility, Going after The Sensations-Cherishing Nature Of Nigerians – Seun Kuti To Nigerian Columnists

Seun Kuti, the child of Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulakpo Kuti in a viral video has bludgeoned two significant Nigerian Public Dailies (The Countries and Punch Papers), blaming them for amateurish reportage and earthy colored envelope news-casting. Seun was exceptionally more specific about the Punch Paper.

This occurred as this Paper distribution house purportedly distributed a criticizing article against the music craftsman, without intensive examinations and affirmations. As would be natural for him he said “You individuals ought to be embarrassed about yourselves”. “Anybody incharge of the altering leading group of these papers ought to be embarrassed about themselves” . “I purchase Punch Paper ordinary, yet today is the last day I will do as such”, Seun voiced furiously.

The craftsman refered to that while one of the previously mentioned Media houses (Countries Paper) is evidently a legislative property with its reports thoroughly glossed over to suit the story of the public authority and their strategies, the other (Punch Paper) ought to have kept up with the center rule of significant news coverage, and decline the inclination to be captivated with cash or anyother kind of glorification to double-cross the morals of the calling.

Seun blamed the Media organizations for perpetually supporting the public authority in smothering general society of basic data by climbing the cost of the papers past the affordablility of the average person on the roads in this way making them clueless of the idea of occasions and its events. Also, then again, deceiving them.

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Individuals with electrifying notches to additionally set their oblivious state in unendingness.

Seun Kuti, being a political dissident who have effectively partaken in challenges horrible strategies of the public authority, denounces the Nigerian writers of misleading Nigerians, doping them into whimsical perspective with failure to answer improvements in the delicate sociopolitical society. He further expressed that news coverage in Nigeria has lost the saved regard it appreciates in different countries in light of the fact that the Nigerian writers are just keen on what ensure their checks, not on genuine reportage.

The trial of this Nigerian craftsman in the possession of deceitful writers across the whole Nigerian Media space is just a glimpse of something larger of what the Indeginous nation of Biafra(IPOB) have experienced since her fomentation for a mandate to decide the destiny of individuals of the old Eastern region(Biafra). Review that it must a point that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the at present wrongfully kept IPOB Pioneer said, “compensate a Nigerian Columnist fairly, he/she will affirm the integrity of Satan”. What’s more, this has substantiated itself valid on a few occasions.

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The public authority have sent their series of falsehoods and extortion against the IPOB development and her girl vigilante bunch Eastern Security Network(ESN), framed to control the hazard of the rampaging Fulani fear herders whose exercises the public authority deliberately left unabated, as a way to propel their ancestral political goals. Every kind of wrongdoings have been perpetrated in the Eastern district by lawbreakers enlisted by the public authority to camouflage as the gathering, in order to coerce her confined chief, regardless of that the IPOB development have constantly separated herself and the ESN of any crimes and have, gave verifiable proof with that impact.

The Nigeria Media/columnists have kept on obliging the public authority’s constantly in their falsehoods and promulgation, with no reservations or amazing skill.

The latest, is the report by the Countries Paper that IPOB has sent ESN agents to implement a multi day sit at home, though, before that report, IPOB have obviously expressed that her Initiative or individuals never proclaimed such. Barr Ifeanyi Ejiofor, the lead direction to IPOB and Pioneer, additionally expressed in his confirmed online entertainment stage that his client, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu didn’t approve anybody or gathering to implement sit at home in his name; that those people doing state specialists, purposely neutralizing Kanu’s normal opportunity are as well.

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Be that as it may, this said media houses proceeded to give a misleading report in any event, when the realities are stunning in the essences of each and every one for simple perception. It took the intercession of the IPOB attorney who undermined legitimate activities against this media company(The Country), before they could withdraw their assertions and report and delicate statement of regret to IPOB.

Every one of these demonstrates the legitimacy of the unsettling of Nnamdi Kanu and the IPOB development for a different sovereign province of Biafra, on the grounds that the degree of debasement in Nigeria is past correction or reclamation. A general public where nepotism, tribalism and ethnic extremism flourishes can never create nor might it at any point advance the prosperity of residents.

Biafrans are looking for a place of refuge where their future and eventual fate of their unborn ages are ensured and safeguarded.



Composed by Enenienwite Ikechukwu

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